Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Very Happy UN-Birthday

Loving being fed by Gammy.

Fun times at the lake!

Today marks Kathryn's 6 month UN-Birthday! She is such a fantastic little girl; learning tons of new things and we are learning so much from her! Recently she has become very fond of making trumpet noises and we now refer to her as "Dizzy" as she reminds us of the great jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, cheeks and all! She also loves trying new foods, some of her favorites are sweet potatoes and bananas, not together of course! She is also testing out her ability to scoot; she gets up on all fours but hasn't figured out how to move herself from point a to point b yet.

What I have learned from her is life is too short to not be actively involved in your children's lives. Paul and I recently made a decision that I would scale back my work schedule in the fall to be home with Kathryn two days a week. God has given me a real peace about this decision and I look forward to the opportunities it will afford our family. I have also learned that because Kathryn is a flexible baby we can take her along on some of my gigs as she loves music and is quite the hit with my colleagues, plus I get to see Paul more as he is the one watching Kat while I am singing.

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