Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Cathedral

We are so blessed to have not just one, but two, dear New Hampshirite families who live on lakes. We spent this past weekend tubing, water skiing and generally relaxing with Paul's family at Beaver Lake and then at Suncook Lake with our dear friends-Jeff and Sara Coleman.

As I sat by the lake this weekend I gloried in the beauty of God's creation and how vast it is. How God knows us and all of His creation in such a blessed way and loves us so deeply, despite our failings and shortfalls. As I sat there I listening to Chris Rice's "My Cathedral", I reflected on the fact that our place of worship can be anywhere we are because God is in everything we see and is giving us an opportunity to commune with Him at all times. What a rich gift!

Dear friends are a blessing beyond measure!

Reveling in another first for Kathryn!

Sweet moments lakeside

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer is On!

Summer has begun in New England and we are loving it!!!! Since it is so beautiful outside we are trying to take advantage of it as much as possible. Kathryn loves being in water-whether at the lake, the ocean, the pool or even the bath tub. Paul and I love to go hiking and Kathryn is learning to enjoy the adventure of the hike(although she isn't quite sure about whether she wants to walk on the hike-she prefers being carried in the hiking pack!)

We are so excited to share in the beauty of God's creation this summer!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring is Upon US!!!

Let's just say the winter hibernation is OVER!!!! Spring is finally upon us here in New England and I have decided to go back to blogging.

This past winter has been a long one: full of lots of cold snowy days and trying to figure out where to go to warm up. During the time of cold and dreary weather, God has brought me a refreshing springtime in my heart. I have been so enriched by the friendships I am building with fellow moms, watching Kathryn go and learn each day, and being filled with love overflowing for my husband!

Kathryn is a true joy! She started walking at 15 months, and in the past three months has now mastered the art of stair climbing, jungle gym exploring, and is beginning to move her walking to running. Kathryn is quite the young botanist and geologist-she loves picking up leaves, rocks and flowers and showing her wonderful finds to whoever might be on her adventure with her. She is so kind hearted and loves giving and receiving hugs and kisses. She also loves being tickled and now tickles you back while she says-"ticka-ticka", which is usually followed by uproarious laughter!

Here are just a few pics from the last few months:

The botanist studies her flowers at Elm Bank Reservation

Kathryn's favorite Easter gift-a book!

Easter with Gigi and Papa

Checking out the new lambs at Drumlin Farm with Kathryn's soul sister, Dahlia!