Monday, April 19, 2010

Patriots Day

Paul and Kathryn's view of the Marathon

Our little Patriot

A fantastic walk in the woods!

For those of you who are not from Boston, Patriot's Day is the day we celebrate all that our founding father's and mother's did to help us give our freedom. It is kind of like an added July 4th. It is also Boston's excuse to hold the Boston marathon and a mid-day Red Sox game. And for us it is an excuse to spend the day together as a family!

This morning Paul and Kathryn went and watched the marathon from the 5th mile mark, which is about a mile from our house
(I had to miss it as I was booked to teach this morning only!) When I got home we decided to go for a family walk in Wayland. It was a beautiful day and it was such a joy to spend the day hiking with my two favorite people. And it wouldn't be a day of Scharlach fun without a little ice cream(thank you Ben and Jerry's for a buy one get one free coupon!) After putting Kathryn to bed, we bbq'd and had a bottle of beer. What a way to celebrate Patriot's Day!!!

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