Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sick Little Girl, but Happy all the While!

So Kathryn has had a little cough since last Friday. No fever was accompanying it so Paul and I decided to monitor it and see where things went. Tuesday night Kathryn didn't sleep well so I began rethinking whether to teach in Maine on Wednesday. However she wasn't running a fever so Betsy, Paul's mom, and I decided I would go ahead and work and she would watch Kathryn as she usually does, and Paul would call the doc to set up an appointment for her to see the doctor today, Thursday.

Well Miss Kathryn had other ideas in mind. She woke up from her morning nap with a 101 degree fever. I drove back down to NH, picked her up and we headed down to see the pediatrician in Wellesley. They took her temperature, which was now 102, gave her some Tylenol, did a battery of base line tests which didn't reveal anything, and then decided to do some other testing. She ended up having blood work, a chest x-ray, and a urine sample taken. I tried to be the brave mom, but when she was getting blood drawn I couldn't look, I just wanted to cry!

Well Miss Kathryn was a real trooper, in fact the doctor said, "I haven't seen a baby in a while who was this smiley, with such a high fever!". When all was said and done the chest x-ray revealed that she has a slight case of pneumonia on one of her lungs. This may sound horrible, but apparently it is pretty normal. Who would have "thunk"? The doc put her on a round of antibiotics and as of this morning she is on the mend, no fever and she was actively playing with her toys this morning. Thank God for answered prayers and for wonderful physicians!!!

From this experience I have a few thoughts to ponder-

*I am thankful that we have an extra bed in the nursery. This way Paul or myself can sleep in her room when she is sick. It made such a difference to be able to respond to her quickly last night before her fever broke.

*I am soooooooooo thankful for an incredibly supportive husband, family and friends. Without them the last 36 hours would have looked much different. This parenting thing really is a group experience and experiment!

*We are so blessed to have such a healthy child. From this experience I have gained more sympathy for parents who have REALLY SICK kids. You parents out there are truly amazing!!!

*To watch your child in pain gives me just a little glimpse into what God must go through when any of His children are sick or struggling with something.

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