Saturday, March 13, 2010

5 Months Old-Baby Bites

Yummy food!

Wouldn't you want to eat this?!

Open wide!

Miss Independent

Kathryn is ready to Rock and Roll

Today Kathryn got her first taste of REAL FOOD and man oh man did she love it. When we got up this morning, Paul and I were eating breakfast and Kathryn was sitting in between us and seemed VERY intrigued with what we were eating. I decided to take a little piece of my banana and mush it up and give it to her. She devoured it and smacked her lips for more. That was the final decision maker, Kathryn would begin solids today.

I mixed up the concoction of breast milk with a HINT of rice cereal and we began the fun journey of feeding Miss K. The biggest trick of the whole event was figuring out how to feed her and take pictures AND video at the same time. Good thing for two sets of hands. Kathryn took to the food immediately and even enjoyed holding the spoon and feeding herself.

We can't believe how big she is getting and all of the fun things she is doing. We now have to put a full size bed blanket on the floor for her to roll around on as she easily rolls in every direction, but she gets going too much and then she needs to spit up. We are also realizing that we need to begin the task of baby proofing the house, as Kathryn has taken to scooting on her belly a bit, although she doesn't go anywhere, YET! She is a bundle of energy and has a hard time settling down for her morning nap, she would much prefer to be part of everything that is going on around her. We love her to pieces and it is amazing to think how fast time flies.

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  1. She's so cute! I think she is looking more & more like her mommy. :)