Wednesday, February 24, 2010

California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

California Sunshine

Taking a Snooze at the airport!

This past week Paul, Kathryn and I hopped on a plane and headed on a cross country adventure to California. On our way there we ended up getting stuck in Salt Lake City. It could have been a real bummer, but we decided to make an adventure out of it by going to visit the Mormon Temple. It was very interesting to get to see Temple Square and to find out more information about the mormon church. Kathryn was a real trooper through the whole day and she is such a wonderful traveler. We are so blessed! She either takes her pacifier or nurses for take-offs and landings and loves smiling and visiting with the passengers and flight attendants. In fact when we arrived back in Boston, a number of passengers commented on what a great baby she was(of course I am just a little biased!)
Finding Ways to Amuse herself on a long layover

Here is a little taste of our adventures:
Wednesday-LOTS of traveling, long layover in SLC
Thursday-visited with Jacque's grandparents- Grandma and Grandpa Gregory, went to beauty parlor with Grandma(Jacque has been doing this with Grandma since she was Kathryn's age-amazingly the beauty parlor still looks the same-quite the Steel Magnolia's moment)
Visiting with Great Grandpa

Friday-fantastic tri-tip sandwich lunch with Jenny and Daren Stemwedel, visit to mom's school to show off Kathryn, hanging out with Jacque's sister, Rena
Saturday-trip to Woodward Park-Japanese Gardens, visit with rest of the family-including Jacque's sister, Liz and her beau, George.
Having fun with Auntie Rena

Sunday-birthday celebration for Rena and Liz
Monday-relaxing and then back to the snow in Massachusetts

What a wonderful time!!! We had such a great time and can't wait for all of our family to come out and visit us out east.

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