Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Day of Better Naps and Sleeping

Little Miss K right before dozing off today

My gentle Kathryn taking a snooze a few days ago.(Pre-All Time Crib Sleeping)

Kathryn has always been a really good sleeper at night, but I guess there is a reason we nicknamed her Kat. She is the QUEEN of catnaps. Recently she has been sleeping from 9pm-4am and then is ready to go for the day(OYE!) and her naps are usually not longer than 45 minutes at a time. I don't want to be an extremely rigid parent, but I also understand that sleep is really important to growing brains.

So last night began a more scheduled sleep pattern for Kathryn. Paul and I had planned to put Kathryn down at 7pm when I got home from work, but she fell asleep about 6pm on the drive home. When I arrived at home at 7pm we put her right to bed and she zonked out until 2am. This allowed Paul and I to have a relaxing dinner together and enjoy one another's company, what a fabulous treat!!!! So at 2am I got up, changed her, fed her and she fell right back to sleep until 5:40 this morning!!!!(almost 12 hours).

This morning is where Miss Kathryn's sleep goes a bit askew! She started fussing about 8:20 so I figured it was time to go down for a morning nap. Well she was not having that! I put her in her crib and she would not settle down. Finally after comforting her in her crib for 40 minutes, I took her out and nursed her thinking that would settle her. Well it did for a few minutes, but then she got a gas bubble, so the fussing(crying, screaming, whatever you want to call it!) resumed. I got her out of the crib and rocked her till she was almost asleep but not quite, and now at 9:55 she is out for her nap!!! HURRAH!!! I pray that getting her into more of a sleep routine will help her to get a couple of longer naps during the day! Let me just say, doing this is causing me to pray A LOT more!!!

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  1. YAY!!! It will SO be worth it...takes about two weeks for her to adjust, but will definitely see progress sooner:) Way to go Mama!