Thursday, July 15, 2010

Have we Baby Proofed yet?

As Kathryn turned 9 months just a few days ago you realize how much she has changed! Just a few months ago you could put her on the ground and you knew she would stay put. Now I have a shadow who crawls beside me from living room to kitchen or from our bedroom into the bathroom. We have had to baby proof the entire house, but now that she is able to pull herself to her knees, I am realizing there are a few more places we need to proof a bit better.

Just a few months ago we were excited to hear her make raspberries. Now she is "talking" all the time, saying "mama" and "dada", as well as "gigi"-which my mom has adopted as her new name! When I give her a "zerbit" on her belly she giggles with glee, and it is so cute to hear her laughing to herself in the back of the car en route to wherever we may be going. I just love her little personality! She loves being held by virtually anyone and is a huge hit wherever we go(ok that was a little braggine-sorry!) She absolutely loves water and is getting to be quite the little swimmer-this last month she has taken to going under the water and swimming short distances from one parent to the other.

Kathryn also had a new surprise in her mouth that arrived just ten days ago- a tooth!

Chilling out in-between swimming

Working on standing with her new toy, thanks Lori!

My little crawler moving and grooving.

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