Monday, January 11, 2010

3 Months Old

Enjoying her exercise mat

Chilling Out!

Laughing away

Kathryn is such a fun little girl. She loves hearing music and is especially fond of the book and CD "Philadelphia Chickens". Her favorite song is "Snuggle Puppy". She also loves doing tummy time on her ocean adventure mat(Thank you Uncle J and Auntie Sara!). She is highly expressive and loves smiling and has even begun to laugh at times. In fact we like to call her the "girl of a thousand faces"!

Miss Kat is also doing really well on the sleeping front. After a few days back from CA we have been able to get her into more of a sleeping routine and she is usually sleeping about 8 hours a night, going to bed around 10 and not getting up until around 6. She is amazing! We are also beginning to establish a bedtime routine. We will usually feed her, say a prayer and then put her to bed. Sometimes this requires a couple of return visits to her bedroom as it is hard to let her fuss by herself for more than a couple of minutes. She really needs to be held in order to fully fall asleep.

On the growth front, she is growing like a weed! We don't know how much she weighs or how long she is, but I know that she is really filling out her 0-3 month clothes. She is getting little rubber band wrists and is developing rolls on both her arms and legs. It is so funny to think that just 3 months ago you could feel her ribs when you held her.

She is a real gift from heaven and we are daily thanking God for the many ways she shows us unconditional love.

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  1. Hi Jacque. You have a lovely blog. The pictures of Kathryn are adorable. I don't think I've seen her with her eyes open...she's usually napping at Mom Connection! :)