Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 Months Old

Kathryn is officially 2 months old, what a ride!!!! Today we went for her two month check up, and it is amazing to see the numbers reflecting how she is growing. As of today she is 10 lbs. 8 oz. and 25 inches long! She was also a trooper today getting a couple of shots. She is a little fussy this afternoon, so I am just giving her tons of snuggles.

It is so awesome to see her little personality develop. Right now as I sit here writing this she is smiling at me and looking at me with such love. She has quite a list of faces that she makes, and whenever I see a new one it reminds me of my childhood(my mom used to have to close the blinds during dinner because my sisters and I would make faces into the window!)

Kathryn is has also been sleeping in her own room for the last two nights. It has been going well, except for a minor monitor mishap last night(the battery died and we didn't realize it until I heard Miss K crying). We remedied this problem by plugging it in!!!

We can't wait for our upcoming visit to CA next week and for the chance for Kathryn to meet all of her extended family and friends out there.

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